Provide Security & Aesthetic Appeal to Your Patio with Sliding Security Doors

If you want to drink in the beautiful views offered by your backyard or patio then sliding doors are your best bet! Sliding doors help you to bring in the refreshing landscape of your house’s exteriors into the home and spread cheer and brightness all around. If you install sliding security doors then besides the scenic sights you can also incorporate the security element into the doors.

How Have Sliding Doors Evolved?

The sliding doors meant for your home exteriors have evolved over the years and today they come with various additional features. Traditional sliding doors used to fulfill the beauty aspect but a new category of sliding doors offer the safety and security factor too. The frames, fitting of glass panels, locking mechanisms are all being devised to incorporate the factor of security.

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What Are the Security Features Incorporated into the Sliding Doors?

The sliding doors today are constructed in such a manner that they cannot be removed from their channels from the home’s exteriors. This flaw present in the traditional doors which were removable in spite of being fastened with regular locking bars is now eliminated. The frames of such doors too are tough and cannot be wrested apart for removal of the glass panels. Moreover, the glass panels are not held together on to the frame merely with screws and weather stripping; rather the frames are welded and glass detainment strips are fastened on to them. The glass panels are then fitted into the casing of the frame.The sliding doors of today come with a new locking mechanism too. The wedge locks which used to be on the tracks or the restriction bars have been replaced with dead bolts of solid 2 inches on the upper and the lower side of the sliding doors. Hook latches that can be drawn in with thumb turn knobs are being used.

The greatest security advantage is being provided in the kind of glass panels that are fitted into the sliding doors today. Earlier, the doors would be built-in with single layered glass that was unglazed. Nowadays, several layers of glazed safety glass go into the making of the sliding security doors. This greatly reduces the chances of the glass being broken into by intruders.

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Wide Array of Choices Available

Today, you have the option of incorporating the safety element into your sliding patio doors. A lot of variety is available with respect to these security doors to suit the requirements of each and every home. You can get one which will fit in with the interiors and the exteriors of your home and enhance its beauty. Steel, aluminum, wood and PVC are some of the materials used for its making.  You can get the doors customized from the dealers too.


Today’s sliding security doors offer several benefits like safety, aesthetic appeal, durability for your home besides providing ease of use. Therefore, it is best to opt for a sliding security door rather than a traditional sliding door for your patio requirements. Just remember to get them from reputed dealers!

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