Premium security doors provide you with important peace of mind

With crime rates on the rise, the importance of installing security doors in St Albans has increased. If you do not feel safe and secure in your home then it might be time to boost your security. Feeling vulnerable in your own home is not desirable, especially if you have children. A good way to gain important peace of mind, and to secure your family and valuable from intruders, is installing a security door.

The benefits of installing security doors in St Albans


As the name suggests, security doors are made specifically for security purposes. They are renowned for being durable, strong and long lasting. Security doors are manufactured with the sole intention of being unbreakable. Most are backed with manufacturer warranties that guarantee no one can either open or damage the security door with force.

Auto locking system

The majority of security doors are fitted with a sophisticated auto locking system that ensures the door automatically locks itself when somebody closes it. This key features removes the chance of human error to ensure the property is always protected. So, even if you forget to lock your door when you leave, you don’t have to worry as it does it for you.

An original key is necessary

As security doors are made with the sole purpose of protecting a property, manufacturers make sure there are no chances of intruders accessing with duplicate key. In order to open a security door, an original key must be inserted. Even if someone copies a key, the duplicate will not open the security door. In fact, without the original key there is no way the security door will open. For this reason, owners of the security door need to be very careful as to where they keep the key.


These days, the vast majority of security doors are manufactured from galvanized steel. This element is renowned for burning very slowly, and therefore has the ability to prevent a fire from spreading inside your home. Essentially, galvanized steel security doors are considered fireproof and in the instance there is an accident, the door with protect your home from the spread of fire.

What are you waiting for? Install security doors on your St Albans property today.
Secure your home and your mind by installing security doors in St Albans. The team at Dial a Door is more than happy to talk you through the many different options available. To learn more about our security doors on offer in St Albans, give our friendly team a call today.

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