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Protect your property from risk of burglary by installing premium security doors in Mount waverley. At Dial a Door we take security very seriously. With crime rates on the rise, it’s important to ensure you and your family is protected against unwanted intruders. Installing a security door is a simple way to ensure your home in impenetrable by burglars. It also deters burglars from even trying to gain access to your home.

Quality security doors provide exceptional protection in Mount waverley but what more can you do?

There are many simple ways you can increase your home security. Try the following tips when you are planning an extended trip.

You’ve got mail

An overflowing letterbox or a front yard littered with newspapers is a very obvious sign you are away on holidays. Serious burglars often take the time to stake out areas and notice telltale signs of absence like these. In some cases, they will even take a look at the letters to find out more information. To avoid this scenario occurring, enlist a relative, friend or neighbor to collect your mail for you.

Garbage bins

Sometimes holidays coincide with bin night. While leaving your bins out for a couple of days may not seem like a big deal, it can give a clear sign to burglars that you are not home. Rather than forfeiting the opportunity to get rid of your garbage, why not enlist a neighbor to assist. Simply ask your neighbor to bring in your bin for you and it’s done.


It is unlikely a burglar will strike your home if they think the occupants are inside. If you’re away on holidays, a good way to create the illusion of an occupied house is timed lights. Put your lights on a timer so they go on and off at certain times of the day and night. You can also plug a radio in to create the illusion someone is at home.

Keep prying eyes out

Before you leave for your holiday close all your blinds and curtain. Burglars have been known to investigate properties, so don’t let them look in. The less you show them the less likely they are to work out what is going on inside. If you pair this step with the lights and radio trick, the burglar will ensure the house is occupied.

Social media

Holidays are an exciting time that you often want to share with your social media friends. However, it’s important to keep the sharing to once you get home as people can use this information in a sinister way. While you may never dream one of your friends would rob you, you can never be sure who is actually accessing your information on Facebook. Boasting about your holiday on Facebook may seam harmless, but some people can take advantage of the information and strike when they know you are away.

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