Avoid becoming a victim of crime by installing security doors

With crime at an all time high in Frankston, Security Doors have never been a more important addition to the home. Over the past five years, crime rates have dramatically risen in Frankston. Figures reveal the main culprit behind the increase in criminal activity is the drug, ice. Between 2013 and 2014, drug offences in Frankston more than doubled, with 626 drug crimes recorded during the period. An increase in drug offences has created a domino effect, causing violent crimes to soar 30 per cent in the same years, with 1206 violent crimes recorded in the area.

A clear link has been made between drug offences and other criminal behavior including burglaries, car thefts and assaults. During 2013, break-ins in Frankston North spiked, with a record 1 in 33 homes being broken into.

Safeguard your valuables and family with quality security doors in Frankston

As Frankston currently holds the highest drug and violent crime rate in Victoria, home security is of great importance. Houses with inadequate security are often high on intruders’ lists to target, as they are seen as easy to infiltrate. Despite cartoon depictions showing burglars entering through windows, in most cases intruders actually walk through the front or back door.

If your Frankston home does not have security doors, it’s normal to feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, without the added safety of security doors you can put yourself and your family at risk of a break in. The good news is Dial a Door offers affordable, quality security doors that are easy to install.

Our premium security doors will protect you against break-ins in Frankston

At Dial a Door we take home security very seriously. We provide a premium service to not only residential clients, but also commercial and industrial. Apart of our offering is our exceptional product range, which will enhance your property’s security and minimize the risk of a break-in. If you have been considering bolstering your property’s security, consider the following products we have in stock below.

  • Security screen doors
  • Sliding security doors
  • Steel security doors
  • Aluminium security doors
  • Clear vision security doors
  • Reinforced security doors
  • Window grills
  • Roller shutters
  • Porch enclosures
  • Awnings

Don’t allow your property to be a sitting duck for a burglar. Be proactive and enhance your security before it is too late. Protect your home, office or commercial property against intruders by installing our quality security doors. If you are interested in learning more about our security door range available in Frankston, contact our friendly staff today on (03) 9555 6677.

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