Enhance your home security with sturdy security doors

Dial a Door can help boost your home security by installing security doors on your Doncaster property. We utilize premium materials to create high quality steel and aluminum security doors that are strong and durable. Furthermore, we take style into consideration and manufacture visually pleasing doors that suit your outdoor exterior.

Security tips that complement your security doors in Doncaster

Security is not just about safe guarding your home against intruders, it’s also about the way you act. Follow the simple steps below to ensure your home is safe and secure.

Interact with your neighbors

Building a relationship with your neighbors can not only broaden your friendship group, but actually enhance your home security. Opening up communication between you and your neighbor increases the likelihood of your neighbor reporting any strange behavior they notice on your property. If you are away on holiday, they will keep a watch on your property and keep you in the loop to any suspicious behavior.

Always change your locks when you lose a key

There’s nothing more frustrating then losing your keys. Getting locked out of your car and house isn’t fun, and then you have to go through the hassle of replacing your keys. To make matters worse there is also the increased security risk. While you may think you’ve simply misplaced your keys, there is a chance something more sinister is at play. A thief may have taken the opportunity to pinch your keys and could know exactly where you live and the car you drive. While it is more likely that you have simply misplaced your keys, it’s important to be proactive just in case. As soon as you lose your keys, have your locks replaced or re-keyed.

Spare keys

When it comes to spare keys don’t be obvious. There are so many people that hide their spare key under the doormat or in the letterbox. Thieves know this trick only too well and it’s the first place they look. Rather than placing your keys in the predictable places, why not try burying it? Simply wrap your key in cling wrap and then store it in a glass bottle and bury it in your garden. Don’t worry about burying it too deep, as you still want to be able to easily access it. Also make sure you remember where you buried it.

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