Protect your home and family against intruders with quality security doors

As crime rates increase across the state, it becomes even more imperative to install security doors on your Broadmeadows home. Enhancing your security is a great way to ensure your home doesn’t become a target for burglars. Often homes without security doors become high on the list to rob, as burglars figure entry will be easy. The mere presence of a security door will usually deter burglars from even trying to gain access to your home. If you currently don’t have security doors and are thinking about installing them in Broadmeadows, consider the points below.

The advantages of installing security doors in Broadmeadows


These days, security doors not only provide protection against intruders, but also enhance the visual appeal of a home. Manufacturers are now designing doors with appearance in mind. At Dial a Door we have an extensive variety of doors available that will suit the look and style of your home.

Easy to access

Many people that when they install security doors on their property it will restrict access. This is actually not the case at all, as security doors are welded at floor level. This design feature allows easy access and reduces the danger of people tripping as they enter the house. A welded frame also allows you to wheel objects through the door without having to strain yourself and lift then over the threshold.

Energy efficient

Many people don’t realise that security doors can actually minimize their energy bills. With the added protection of a security door, you can leave your main door open with the security door closed in front. This will allow a cool breeze to blow through and circulate throughout your home. Furthermore, security doors are beneficial in winter, as the security door blocks out the cold wind and acts as an insulator.


Security doors are built with the purpose of being impenetrable. Manufacturers build security doors so they are unbreakable. With a security door installed you don’t have to worry about intruders breaking in, as the door withstand damage and forced entry. Security doors are built to be durable, long lasting and sturdy.

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