Heighten the Security of Your Sliding Door

Doors are the first part of a house’s facade that are easily noticeable. Therefore, every home-owner ensures that he installs as attractive doors as possible. However, along with aesthetics, in today’s times the security factor also assumes great importance. Many companies offer several options in this aspect and you have wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum doors, sliding doors and so on; all offering their own levels of security.

Sliding security doors provide the benefit of visibility and airflow and it scores over other doors in this aspect. These doors have different frames made of either aluminum or steel. Steel is without doubt the most durable, it doesn’t warp or crack, however; it has to be of top quality as otherwise it can rust and get scratched too. But premium quality steel comes for a great cost. In that respect, aluminum is an equally good alternative as it is also durable and rust-free besides being easy on your pocket. There are a range of color options and you can choose the one that fits in with your home’s facade.

Sliding Security Doors

Keeping the security factor in mind, there should not be any compromise on the material used for your door. Suitable material and finish are two aspects that have to be kept in mind while deciding the doors for your office or home. Installing sliding security doors enables you to save space in your home or work area. Depending upon the panel number and material these sliding doors are classified into the two-door-slider type or the four-door slider type. The glass offers a superior look and being energy efficient helps to save on your energy bills.

There are several ways in which the security factor can be hiked in a sliding security door. The patio security bar is one such item and this can withstand many hundreds pounds pressure without getting a bend. The telescopic aluminum bar is another device wherein the bar can slide up and down like a telescope. This has to be installed by a professional. Sliding bolt lock can also be used on aluminum and wooden framed sliding doors and this is available as a part of a kit. Door brace security bar and the Charley bar are some more examples of security devices that are fitted on to the sliding doors. A grip foot made of rubber is present on the door brace security bar which is made of tough steel. The door brace security bar can be moved easily from one place to another and is available for a very small sum of money. Charley bars need holes to be drilled into the frame and then can be fitted with the help of screws that are all a part of a kit. The bar is installed mid-way on to the door and facilitates people who find it difficult to bend.

There are several ways in which the security of your sliding glass door can be heightened. If you have sufficient security to your sliding door then you can enjoy the natural beauty of the external precincts sitting in the cool comforts of your secure home.

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